We are a small start up company and our main focus and mission is to develop a nutritional system that will help maintain, balance, and slow down the deterioration of the human body.

Our mission is to provide a nutritional system that solves the key dietary and health challenges a modern adult faces. ProlifeStream is a simple solution that doesn’t break the bank! Our goal is to continuously advance the way people support and maintain a healthy body. We strive to find new ways to help slow down the fast deterioration of the body, which is a process that affects all age groups. Our product is unique in that it is a revolutionary nutritional system aimed at encouraging an overall lifestyle change. ProlifeStream is not just a supplement, but a holistic product intended to inspire consumers to change their unhealthy behaviors and become more health conscious!

Our founder, Dr. Karampahtsis, a Naturopathic doctor, created our formula based on countless years of clinical experience. All active ingredients in our product are scientifically proven to support healthy body functions. With the understanding of the health challenges we face in modern times, our doctor created our formula with the cleanest ingredients possible.

We encouraging eating clean, organic foods. Also, we advocate for the consumption of plenty of greens and vegetables, with a goal of 60% of your total food intake being raw. 


  • We use clean, organic pea protein as the basis of the formula.
  • We do not blend many different proteins in our formula to avoid allergic reactions or sensitivities.
  • We use active, scientifically proven ingredients to support the different processes of the body.
  • We source our ingredients from trusted sources and manufacture our product at a GMP (good manufacturing practices) facility located in the USA.
  • We do not use any GMO, gluten, soy, petroleum byproducts or artificial sweeteners in our formula.
  • Our formula does not provide only supplemental protein to the diet. It supports multiple body systems and processes such as gastrointestinal support, liver detoxification, and immune system support to name a few; with the overall goal being achieving and maintaining optimal health.
  • Our product is not merely a protein supplement; our product replaces the need to use various supplements to maintain health. 
  • Our product saves people hundreds of dollars by replacing the countless vitamins, supplements, and other health promoters into a single product. 
  • Being a powder, our product helps all those with aversion to swallowing pills and capsules.

Prolifestream provides 15+ billion CFU (up to 37+ billion CFU at time of manufacturing) probiotics per serving. We do not blend our probiotics with our protein formula so we can preserve the viability of our probiotics until the day of use.

Many people suffer from multiple allergies and food sensitivities. The more food ingredients are “blended” in a product, the higher the chance of people being sensitive to those ingredients.

The first formula of the ProlifeStream nutritional system was created as a detoxification support formula. One of its functions is to help the body perform optimal detoxification of the many toxins and chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis.

Our formula contains ingredients that support different processes and organ systems in the body. It supplements the daily nutrition of a modern day-person and helps cover the needs for different micronutrients.

Even though our formula contains many different ingredients such as micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, we are not a multivitamin product. Our ingredients are selected to help and support specific processes in the body. In contrast, a multivitamin solely provides micronutrients.

As much as we’d love to source all of our ingredients from inside the U.S.A., it’s simply not possible given the cost, climate, and growing conditions. However, we have carefully chosen our suppliers to ensure that all offer the highest quality products, organic ingredients when possible, and certified sustainable growing/production practices.

ProlifeStream’s 2-Week supply provides 14 servings of our proprietary blend along with 14 individual servings with 15+  billion CFU probiotics each. ProlifeStream’s 4-Week supply provides 28 of our proprietary blend servings along with 28 individual servings with 15+ billion CFU probiotics each. ProlifeStream’s 8-Week supply provides 56 of our proprietary blend servings along with 56 individual servings with 15+ billion CFU probiotics each.

While we strive to source as many organic ingredients as possible, we are unable to get all certified as organic. Therefore, we are not able to state that our product is organic. However, our protein base is organic.

Yes. But we always recommend that anyone with known allergies carefully read our product label and ingredients prior to consuming.

ProlifeStream has a vanilla flavor created with natural sweeteners. Some people find it sweeter than others, for this reason, we suggest some alternative preparations if you would like to tone down the sweetness. For example, adding more water will dilute the sweetness. In addition, adding the product to smoothies or greens will tame the sweetness. 

When stored in a cool, dry place, the product will last for two and a half years. 

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People enjoy ProlifeStream once or twice per day according to their lifestyle. Many people chose to use it more often for short periods of time when they follow a specific diet for whole body detox, or during a weight loss program.

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We do not offer returns or refunds, even for unopened products. We are committed to quality and we can never re-sell a product once it leaves our warehouse.

If you have a question about your order that you cannot find on this FAQ page, email us at orders@prolifestream.com. For all other inquiries, feel free to contact us at info@prolifestream.com.

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