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The fast pace of modern life doesn’t leave us much time to think about dietary needs, often leading to unbalanced diets. Stress, pollution, and exposure to many chemicals and toxins in our daily environments further increase the deterioration the body.

Through years of practice, Dr. Karampahtsis came across many patients of different ages that needed additional help supporting multiple systems of their body with the overall goal of maintaining optimal health. In order to support the goal of an overall prime functioning body system, one product is not enough and Dr. Karampahtsis often had to recommend multiple products to patients. As you can imagine, this got complicated! 

One of the biggest frustrations people expressed is their aversion to swallowing many different pills and capsules. Moreover, most of them felt overwhelmed trying to keep up with many different supplements throughout the day.

Dr. Karampahtsis, realized that two of the most common complaints from his patients were a lack of energy and gastrointestinal disturbances. The majority of patients would complain of similar major symptoms that were directly tied to the body's inability to detoxify effectively.

In order to help a large number of patients and to streamline the process of adding supplements to one’s diet, Dr. Karampahtsis formulated his own product. He created a nutritional system with a protein powder base that is both tasty and easy to use! Based on his many years of clinical experience and research, Dr. Karampahtsis personally selected a combination of key active ingredients that he knew would be most beneficial to his patients. With the main goal of encouraging patients to strive for and maintain optimal health, ProlifeStream was created.  


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